Street Man Fighter’s YGX Park Hyunse Addresses New Jeans Video Amid Massive Criticism


Street Man Fighter contestant Park Hyunse, who is part of the dance group Loyal Chumps and also an ember competitor of YGX, finally addressed the video coverage of New Jeans Hype Boy’s choreography which drew criticism from fans accusing the dance group to make fun of the newbie K-pop number.

For the uninitiated, Street Man Fighter contestants Loyal Chumps made a video covering New Jeans Hype Boy’s choreography which was also uploaded (now deleted) to some of the members’ social platform.

But fans were quick to notice the “cartoonish” angle of the dance cover where the band had exaggerated all the moves, which made it really weird.

In addition to that, the video was titled “The Beginnings of NewJeanddas [was a] fail”, taking the name New Jeans and Korean slang jjinddareferring to a loser or an outcast, Soompi reported.

Competing YGX Member Park Hyunse Apologizes About New Jeans Issue

Initially, Park Hyunse actually pinned a comment from a fan who called out the video saying offensive and replied saying “yes”.

The video was later deleted, and Hyunse addressed the issue on his personal Instagram, apologizing for hurting fans’ feelings.

His apology was, “Hello, this is Hyunse. First of all, I would like to say that I’m really sorry. I filmed NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” challenge in a playful way, and I had a reaction too sensitive to the comments, so I made a rash decision and responded in a way that was wrong.I am ashamed of this situation for causing damage and harm to many people through my personal actions.

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He added that they had no intention of making fun of the girl group explaining, “there was no intention of making fun of NewJeans, the choreographer of ‘Hype Boy’ or anyone else related to [the song] in the uploaded video. Also, I’d like to say that the “NewJeanddas” in the title of the video refers to the four of us, not anyone else. I sincerely apologize to NewJeans and the choreographer, whose feelings must have been hurt by this video, and to NewJeans fans and anyone who watched the video and frowned because of it.

Hyunse also apologized to YGX members and staff, saying, “I also apologize to YGX members, who suffered damages due to my reckless behavior; YGX fans; everyone involved in “Street Man Fighter”; and all the other dancers. From now on, I will remain deeply aware that my personal affairs concern not only me but also others, and I will ensure that such incidents do not happen again in the future. I’m sorry.” (translation via Soompi)

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Mnet apologizes for producer’s comment during press conference

Along with some of the attendees, Mnet’s Street Man Fighter producer Kwon Young Chan had come under fire for one of his comments during the press conference where he said, “If there was jealousy and greed in survival [program] for the female dancers, I think the male dancers showed a lot of loyalty and pride.

Mnet issued an apology on August 26 stating that the above comment does not align with the channel’s values. Their statement read, “The comment made by the producer was a comment that does not align with Mnet’s core value of ‘novelty that breaks prejudice’ or our dance program’s production goal of ‘growth through competition. and solidarity.” Mnet feels a deep sense of responsibility for this widespread and incorrect comment.

he further added, “‘Street Woman Fighter’ and Mnet’s ‘Street Man Fighter’ are programs produced to convey joy through dance with the competition and solidarity of professional dancers, and showcase them while focusing on the stories of the dancers.”

HYBE Labels YouTube/ New Music Video Hype Boy Jeans

Watch Hype Boy’s original choreography here.

Where to watch Street Man Fighter

Street Man Fighter airs on Mnet on August 30 at 10:20 p.m. KST / 9:20 a.m. ET. Check out all the highlights from the show on The Choom’s YouTube channel here.

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