The Greenville Avenue taco shop – formerly a Korean bibimbap restaurant – has closed


A quick-service restaurant named Saint Taco has closed on Greenville Avenue and Lovers Lane in East Dallas. The space was perhaps better known as BBBop Seoul Kitchen, a Korean bibimbap restaurant that its owners turned into a taco shop in 2021 after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The owners did not state a specific reason for Saint Taco’s closure, noting in an email to customers that it faced “many challenges.” The owners did not answer the restaurant’s phone the morning of the closing.

Saint Taco opened early, for breakfast tacos and burritos, before serving quesadillas, taco salads, tortas, nachos and more for lunch and dinner. The restaurant also had wings, and some carried the Asian flavors of the Korean restaurant that preceded it.

Saint Taco on Greenville Avenue in East Dallas had a short life – just over a year. What we will really miss is the restaurant run by the same owners that preceded it, BBBop Seoul Kitchen.(Steve Shin)

Maybe we still really mourn the loss of BBBop, the restaurant before Saint Taco. BBBop served the Korean rice dish bibimbap, and customers could choose toppings such as mushrooms, jalapeños, fried eggs, and more, and then choose sauces ranging from sweet to hot. It was easy to eat healthy, or vegan, or vegetarian, at BBBop.

BBBop still has a remaining location on W. Davis Street at Oak Cliff in Dallas. Saint Taco has one remaining location on Lacy Lane in Carrollton.

Saint Taco / BBBop were at 5323 Greenville Ave., Dallas. The owners announced the closure on April 28, 2022.

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