The Gucci Restaurant You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


Between 2018 and 2022, the fashion house opened four Gucci Osteria restaurants. The restaurants are located in the brand’s flagship stores in Florence, Italy; Beverly Hills, USA; Tokyo, Japan; and Seoul, South Korea.

According to Gucci Osteria, all Gucci restaurants are inspired by the brand’s Italian roots. Each restaurant honors its location by using seasonal ingredients and regional techniques in its dishes. At the Japanese location, you’ll find dishes with creative names that fuse Italian and Japanese cultures, such as “Journey of an Eel in Italy” and “What does a Wagyu dream of?”.

Leading the culinary side is three-star Michelin chef Massimo Bottura (per CNN). Massimo worked with Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele to open the four restaurants. Each restaurant offers a slightly different menu, with influences from local cuisine.

However, the only dish that appears on the menu of each restaurant is tortellini with Parmigiano Reggiano sauce. This dish is so popular that The Pasta Queen, a popular TikTok user, made a video showing fans how to make it at home. It’s a simple version of an alfredo sauce, using only heavy cream, chicken broth, tortellini and cheese. If you can’t make it to one of the Gucci locations, you can easily make this for dinner. Another advantage? It’ll set you back a lot less than $40, which is about the price this designer restaurant charges for what looks like a relatively small portion (via Eater LA).


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