“The Mysterious Village” Exhibit Guides Visitors into the Mythical World of Korean FolkloreNews


If you’re in Korea and looking for something to do during what’s left of the Chuseok holiday or for another weekend in the near future, you might want to check out the latest exhibits at the National Folk Museum in Seoul.
Our cultural reporter Kim Yeon-seung went to check it out and filed this report.

“Imagine that.
You’re dozing at a bus stop one summer night, waiting for your ride, when suddenly you wake up in the mystical world of Korean folklore.
Welcome to the mysterious village.”

From the dragon gods that bring rain to the changing mountain gods that guard the villages, the “Mysterious Village” exhibit guides you into the world of Korean deities.

“Our culture also has some very funny myths. We wanted to introduce our myths and the roles of God in them. For example, the Korean goblin, known as Dokkaebi, has a fishing myth that many people don’t know about. .”

Fishermen believed that the goblin Dokkaebi cast a luminous blue light over the ocean.
If they followed the light, they were sure to find a big catch.
Korean folk tales also have gods who guide the house.
And these gods are often disguised as ordinary objects.

“Visitors can feel like they are part of the exhibition through an app that uses augmented reality. If you scan the AR marker on the wall, you can collect a Korean god character. Collect all the characters to complete the village quest.”

Visitors can download the app via this QR code at the entrance to the exhibition.
And this immersive experience is easy for everyone to enjoy.

“Oh that’s really cool. I mean I’ve been to a lot of museums and this exhibit was really interesting and different. It’s all in English.”

“Fantastic. I think it’s a great way to show more about Korean, South Korean culture and make sure you know more about, how to say, like these kinds of topics that are on display here. “

And this exhibition will continue until October 11 at the National Folk Museum inside Gyeongbokgung Palace.
Take a stroll through the palace, then come and dive into this mythical universe.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News


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