The Presidential Security Service checks security around the home of ex-President Park


SEOUL, Aug. 22 (Yonhap) — Officials from the presidential security service checked security around former president Park Geun-hye’s home when they traveled to a southeast village to inspect security around former President Moon Jae-in’s house, a presidential official said on Monday.

Earlier Monday, the security department extended the guard zone around Moon’s home in Yangsan, about 310 kilometers southeast of Seoul, up to 300 meters to protect the former president from violent protesters, including including those who wield box cutters and fake weapons.

The expansion came on the orders of President Yoon Suk-yeol following a suggestion by National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo last week.

“I believe the Vice Chief of the Presidential Security Service also visited the area around the private residence of former President Park Geun-hye and inspected the situation there,” the presidential official said. to journalists.

Park lives in the city of Daegu, in the southeast of the country.

Yoon’s decision to bolster Moon’s security was seen as a move to promote national unity amid low approval ratings. Earlier this year, he was criticized for making remarks that gatherings around Moon’s house should be tolerated because protests around the current presidential office were also permitted.

The official said it was “natural” to look into the security of former presidents in accordance with applicable laws and that the security service took necessary measures accordingly.


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