The University of Arizona College of Fine Arts is Hosting a Series of Virtual Symposia on Asian Photography


A series of virtual symposia launched this year at the University of Arizona College of Fine Arts (UArizona CFA) aims to shine a light on photography from Asia and how this art has shaped culture and history. across the continent.

The series began in February with the three-day symposium “Photography and Korea: History and Practice” which featured panel discussions and keynote speakers including curators from the Seoul Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. and contemporary of Korea. In April, it continued with “Photography and Taiwan: History and Practice,” which also hosted panel discussions and special sessions with artists, curators, scholars, and museum directors who are experts in Taiwanese photography. Both symposia included a dialogue on the history of photographic practices in each country as well as the effects of colonialism, postcolonialism, gender issues and national identity on Korea. and Taiwanese photographic movements.

The series was curated by Jeehey Kim, an assistant professor of art history at UArizona CFA, who was inspired to create the symposia as a way to promote Asian photography content and resources to the photography community. campus, according to a university press release.

“When I was in graduate school as a doctoral student, it was necessary for me to know Ansel Adams, Walker Evans and those canonical American photographers,” Kim said in the statement. “But it was completely normal for me not to know Japanese and Korean photographers from the same period.”

Kim plans to continue the series with events centered on “potential themes such as photography and the archipelago or the connection between photography and militarism,” the statement said.

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This article originally appeared in our June 2022 issue.


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