This restaurant in Genting Highlands lets you eat for free every month, but only if you buy an NFT


You may have heard that MyeongDong Topokki announced the opening of an NFT restaurant in Genting Highlands last year in November. Well, it’s now a reality, seen through the laid-back Korean restaurant’s Facebook page.

So…what the hell EAST an NFT restaurant? The MeongDong Topokki branch in Genting Highlands is always a place where customers can “enjoy hot and delicious Korean cuisine.” But the place also seems to be a hub where there are “trained NFT guides” to help customers buy NFTs.

According to their website, MeongDong Topokki has released special NFTs that can be purchased and used as a “VIP Pass” at the Genting Highland branch. And that a single purchase of the NFT will mean they get the benefits with “no apps or recurring fees every year”.

There are four different types of NFTs that you can purchase from MeongDong Topokki. The first is The Elite, which will give you one set of free dinner special values ​​per month, one free NFT exclusive Premium menu per promotional period, and one “Free Metaverse Topokki” per month… whatever it is. You are also entitled to bring three guests to enjoy the exclusive Premium menu “at the guest rate”.

The Trendsetter offers you the same advantages. However, you will not be able to get a free “Metaverse Topokki”.

L’Insolite means you can only bring two guests instead of three to enjoy the “Exclusive Premium Menu” at a guest rate.

The fourth type of NFT offered is Base Born. This one seems the most basic, but you’ll still get a free dinner for a monthly special value set, plus the exclusive Premium menu per promotional period. However, you can only let one other guest purchase the Premium menu at a guest rate.

“Pokki’s NFT holder will enjoy exclusive restaurant benefits. Invite to Special Event, Dating Session, POS Launch, Land/Digital Events. Insider Updates News and upcoming NFT/Gaming releases. Get additional benefits through roadmap activations,” MeongDong Topokki wrote on their site.

However, they didn’t mention what they meant by a free “Metaverse Topokki”. Is it a Topokki but in the “metaverse”?

You can purchase a MeongDong Topokki NFT through OpenSea. So far, all NFT types available, including Base Born, Unusual, and Trendsetter, are priced at ETH 0.08 each. It’s around RM1,014. I’m surprised they’re all the same price because the Trendsetter NFT is worth the most. You might as well buy that one rather than the more basic Base Born. The Elite NFT, however, is nowhere to be found in the collection. It may not be available yet.

This is probably the first NFT restaurant in Malaysia (correct me if I’m wrong, of course), but it’s not the first NFT restaurant in the world. According to Eater, there is an “NFT Restaurant Boom” where restaurant NFT owners will enjoy “unique physical and virtual experiences” and “future integration into the expanding metaverse.”

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