Thousands rally to save German village from coal mine expansion


A small German village was the site of a large demonstration over the weekend, when thousands of activists gathered to protest against the planned demolition of Lützerath which would allow the expansion of the already open pit coal mine gargantuan Garzweiler.

Lützerath should to suffer the same fate as other nearby villages that have been destroyed in western Germany as the country’s main electricity producer RWE, which operates the mine, continues to extract lignite, also known as lignite name.

This extraction continues even as the country touts its plans to accelerate a transition to renewable energies including a 2030 exit for coal.

“We will stop the diggers and defend the 1.5°C limit!” Fridays for Future Germany said in a tweet on Sunday referring to the Paris climate agreement’s warming threshold.

The group, which mentioned Around 4,000 people took part in the action, also shared a video from Saturday’s protest showing activists forming an X and revealing how close the village is to the edge of the mine:

“A great, human ✖️ says NO to destruction by lignite and YES to the preservation of Lützerath and the sweetness of life for all”, the LuetziBleibt account Explain.

action on saturday, The Associated Press reportedtook place “weeks after the last farmer in the village sold his property to the utility company RWE after losing a case against his eviction. The village is still inhabited by militants, some of whom have built shacks in the trees in an effort to stop neighboring Garzweiler mine from being enlarged.”

Images shared on social media by climate activists Pin up this farmer, Eckardt Heukamp, ​​speaking at the action sporting a t-shirt with the message Alle Dörfer Bleiben, or All Villages Remain.

“I’m grateful you came and the fight continues,” he reportedly said. “We must fight to keep the coal in the ground, to keep the soil and to keep the villages!”


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