Tomasevic welcomes veterans with new tournament


As with any sports team, it is always beneficial for current players to connect with those who have played for the same program. Tomasevic said she hopes that every year in the future this tournament will bring together old and current players.

“Right now they’re immersed in their life as student-athletes, it’s very hard to think about the impact of an event like this, but ultimately it’s so special,” Tomasevic said. . “So just seeing how that will shape them for what’s to come and hopefully they’ll interact with the alumni and learn from their experiences.”

Several dozen program alumni will be present both in the crowd and on the field. ASU will play its first game of the season against Cal State Bakersfield on Friday at 11 a.m. MST and the CSUB head coach is Giovana Melo, who is a two-time Sun Devil graduate and setter for ASU from 2003-04, as well as an assistant coach for three seasons.

Tomasevic and Burbridge agreed that if more students attend volleyball games, especially with this first tournament, they hope students will enjoy the excitement of the game itself more.

“I think it’s just one of those sports that people don’t necessarily know well and I think students would really like it,” Burbridge said. “It would just be good for the students because we’re in the bigger arena, it would be good for them to see a lot more attendance and follow through.”


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