Top 5 Most Popular Burger Restaurants In Irving, Texas | restaurant review


This list is based on feedback from previous customers.


5. Burger In-N-Out

An In-N-Out Burger business location tops the list. The fast food joint, which serves burgers and other items, is the highest-rated burger restaurant in town. Try their classic cheeseburger with toasted buns (freshly baked with old-fashioned, slow-growing sponge dough), slice of cheese (their American cheese is the real thing), beef patty, onions, lettuce and tomatoes.

4. Griff’s Burgers

Griff’s Hamburgers opened in Wichita, Kansas in March 1960. HJ Griffith started the business. Their promise is to continue serving the same “great tasting” burgers that made your first visit memorable. Their lunches combined with the juicy burgers are so good you have to take a break and try one.

3. space burger

Space is the place to go if you want a burger that tastes “out of this planet”. Come check out this quick service family burger restaurant in Irving, TX. They are happy to do anything from “meteor burgers” with huge crispy fries to gyros and funnel cake.

2. LA Burger

They opened LA Burger in Irving, Texas to introduce diners to the flavors of Korean cuisine by pairing them with American classics. Their goal is to serve diners dishes that artistically combine familiar American ingredients with the distinct flavors of Korean cuisine. Think KIMCHI, Korea’s national dish, and BULGOGI, Koreans’ favorite grilled beef.

1. Burger City

Irving, TX is located at 1013 E Irving Blvd. They serve nortena burgers, tortas, burgers, bacon burgers, tacos, corn in the cup, hot wings, and nachos, among other things. To ensure the best quality and taste, they prepare their dishes with the freshest ingredients available. Today is the day to try their delicious cuisine!


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