University of Batangas teacher raises money for student tuition


University of Batangas academic Noel Sales raises funds to help students in need. (PHOTO: Noel Sales Facebook page)

An assistant professor at the University of Batangas raises money for students in need following financial hardship caused by the pandemic, according to Good News Pilipinas.

Noel Sales of Lipa City, Batangas, who is also a Certified Public Accountant, started projects that helped pay tuition and provided prepaid charging for those who lacked the resources for online learning .

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, Professor Sales, 32, started the Loading Allowance project to help students who relied on a prepaid load to access the internet and take online courses.

This after a student texted to say she couldn’t take a midterm exam because both of her parents had lost their jobs and preferred to spend their remaining savings on food.

Professor Sales responded by sponsoring his load until the end of the second semester and eventually sponsored about 12-15 students for their weekly load allowance out of his own pocket.

The professor, who teaches basic accounting, also reached out to his friends on social media for donations to help more students. The donation campaign eventually reached other schools in Batangas, Quezon, Pampanga and Bulacan.

More than 220,000 pesos were collected, which made it possible to cover the load allowance of approximately 150 students.

Financial aid project

Noel Sales, assistant professor at the University of Batangas, continues to raise funds for his students in need.  (PHOTO: Noel Sales Facebook page)

Noel Sales, assistant professor at the University of Batangas, continues to raise funds for his students in need. (PHOTO: Noel Sales Facebook page)

Professor Sales then launched his financial aid project last August, using donations from friends and donors to partially cover students’ tuition and other expenses.

This raised 60,000 pesos for accounting students at the University of Batangas. Beneficiaries include a graduate student who worked at a fast food restaurant and could not afford tuition.

In response to another student who had to settle his remaining tuition fees before graduation, Sales donated P4,000, while a friend also stepped in to settle the remaining fees.

Professor Sales, who has been teaching for almost five years, said he plans to continue helping pupils in need in the next school year. When Yahoo Philippines asked if he would be able to support the project, he replied that it would be “very difficult”.

“Maybe because of inflation or a lot of people have lost their jobs because of the economy (I’m really not sure why) but I’m not getting a lot of donations unlike before the pandemic started . But I hope to receive more donations this time.”

He added: “But anyway, whatever donations I receive, I plan to continue this project as long as I teach.”


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