Venturus class at XR demo day showcased two innovative university XR labs in South Korea


Korea Radio Promotion Association (RAPA) hosted a “2021 Venturus Class in XR” online IR event on November 23 for networking and investor relations for Korean XR labs at schools looking to locate in the United States.

The event was designed to provide business matchmaking opportunities at the University of XR Laboratories and accelerated by COMMAX Venture with US investors and experts in the AR / VR industry.

At the event, two Korean XR labs showcased their company and had a question-and-answer session with US attendees at the end.

“Many Korean startups have already been established in the United States, especially in Silicon Valley,” said Joohyun June Oh, PM of COMMAX Venturus. “Through online dating, we hope to promote our startups to US investors in the form of attracting investments and signing partnerships before full entry into the US market.”

List of startups

1. Increased knowledge of Inha University

Augmented Knowledge Corp is a spin-off of Inha AI Laboratory University. It aims to unify artificial intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) and to implement them in Industry 4.0.

2. Seoul National University XR Laboratory

SNU XR Lab is a laboratory of Seoul National University College of Medicine and is developing AR solution and AR devices for central venous catheterization. Its corporate foundation is scheduled for 22 2Q as a subsidiary of Seoul Techno Holdings, Inc., which is an organization to support the commercialization of SNU’s school technology.

About the Korea Radio Promotion Association

The Korea Radio Promotion Association (RAPA) was established to create new values ​​in the radio broadcasting industry and lead the industry with the aim of helping to create an environment for the promotion of broadcasting by radio waves.

About COMMAX Venturus

Seoul-based COMMAX Venturus is a Korean government certified accelerator company. It provides a global stage for innovative Korean startups to scale into the global market and supports incoming startups with its local expertise.


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