Watch: Im Siwan, Go Ah Sung, Son Hyun Joo, and Park Yong Woo Chase after a rough patch in upcoming drama teaser


Upcoming drama “Tracer” (literal title) has released an exciting new teaser!

“Tracer” is an original new revenge drama set in the National Tax Service. Im Siwan will play Hwang Dong Joo, a new team leader of the Seoul regional office’s investigation bureau, while Go Ah Sung will play Seo Hye Young, another team member from the Seoul regional office who has not afraid to face the cowardly ruler of the world. -to.

The new teaser opens with Hwang Dong Joo making a powerful entry as he exits the car with Seo Hye Young, Oh Young, and In Tae Joon. The trailer dramatically introduces all four unique characters one at a time.

Park Yong Woo plays Oh Young, who was once the ace of the National Tax Service, but is now the section chief who doesn’t believe in working. Walking resolutely forward, Oh Young says, “Sometimes you also have to try a job that is not ashamed of itself. “

The teaser passes to Seo Hye Young, who is determined to take over the world. She proudly says, “I told you to trust me once.”

Son Hyun Joo plays In Tae Joon, the Seoul regional office commissioner who dreams of becoming something bigger. He proclaims with charisma: “In the end, it’s a game to deceive or be deceived.

Finally, skilled team leader Hwang Dong Joo, who always keeps people at their fingertips, appears. He asks, “In the end, it’s people who are more scary than money, aren’t they? The teaser ends with the four main characters continuing to move forward as Hwang Dong Joo recounts, “Nationally certified experts who hunt bad money are coming.”

“Tracer” will be premiered by wave this winter. Watch the full teaser below!

In the meantime, watch Im Siwan and Go Ah Sung in the movie “A Melody To Remember” below:

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