Watch: Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Ji Hu, Wi Ha Joon, And More Describe The Charms Of Their “Little Women” Characters


“Little Women” has released a character introduction video!

tvN’s “Little Women” is about three closely related sisters who grew up in poverty. When swept up in a major incident, they’re catapulted into a new world of money and power unlike anything they’ve known before – and come face to face with the wealthiest family in the land.

Kim Go Eun will play the role of older sister Oh In Joo, while Nam Ji Hyun will play younger sister Oh In Kyung, and Park Ji Hu will play younger sister Oh In Hye.

After the three actresses introduce themselves, Kim Go Eun comments, “Oh In Joo is a character who lives while being really grounded in reality. She really loves her younger sisters and is someone who can’t take her family away. of his life. He is also a character who honestly expresses his emotions, such as they are.

Nam Ji Hyun continues with a big smile, “Although she grew up in poverty, In Kyung does not give in to money. She is an honest and straightforward person, so I ask you to please watch.

Regarding her character Oh In Hye, Park Ji Hu shares, “She is the youngest [sibling] which gets a lot of love from In Joo and In Kyung. Although she is very grateful for this love, she also feels overwhelmed by it. She is really good at the art and although she is in a difficult environment, she works very hard to reach the top.

When asked why they chose to star in “Little Women,” Kim Go Eun explains that she went through the first four parts when she initially received the script. Nam Ji Hyun singles out the differences between the three sisters as well as their overall similarities and various relationships as the most charming.

Park Ji Hu shares that she auditioned for the role and then adds, “Although she is young, the way In Hye strives to reach the top is really cool, and I was more attracted to her because ‘she’s such a warm person. It was also great to see the three sisters living so close, so I was drawn to this project.

Later, Wi Ha Joon, Uhm Ji Won, Uhm Ki Joon, and Kang Hoon appear to introduce their characters. Wi Ha Joon greets viewers as Choi Do Il, an elite consultant from London, and adds, “He is a mysterious character who makes it hard to guess what he is thinking and feeling.” Wi Ha Joon describes “Little Women” as a puzzle, explaining, “I think it’s a drama where as it progresses, it will be fun to put it together like a puzzle.”

Uhm Ji Won plays Won Sang Ah, an art gallery manager. The actress shares, “She is the well-disciplined daughter of a military officer as well as the wife of Park Jae Sang, who is into politics and is running for mayor of Seoul.”

Park Jae Sang is played by Uhm Ki Joon who shares the character, “He has very big ambitions and big dreams and ultimately wants to become president.”

Kang Hoon introduces himself as In Kyung’s childhood friend Ha Jong Ho and comments, “He doesn’t hide his feelings for In Kyung. He’s someone who just watches her and tries to protect her because he thinks she’s in danger.

Finally, all of the cast members promise to film diligently and ask viewers to stay tuned. Watch the full intro clip below!

“Little Women” will air on September 3 at 9:10 p.m. KST. Watch a teaser here!

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