Wemade donates KRW 1 billion worth of WEMIX tokens to Seoul National University

  • Donated WEMIX on September 5 for education funds
  • Will be used by students in the business department to educate and support new businesses

Seoul, South Korea, September 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wemade has signed a partnership with Seoul National University (SNU) on September 5 donate WEMIX for education funding.

Wemade donates WEMIX equivalent to 1 billion won in Seoul National University Business school for the SNU BIZ entrepreneurship fund. The donation will be used to support and educate business department students and graduates in starting new businesses.

The partnership took place in Seoul National University on September 5. CEO of Wemade, Henry Changand the Chancellor and Dean of Seoul National University gathered in one place to sign the partnership.

“SNU Alumni, CEO Henry Chang, is developing Wemade into a global company based on the core values ​​of “Growth, Responsibility and Success”. A respected entrepreneur, he assumes his social responsibility by leading a culture of sharinge,” said Sejung Oh, chancellor of the UNS. “This valuable gift will enable students to be more adventurous when starting new businesses and to create innovative business leaders.”

“I hope SNU will use this donation to educate students who will become global leaders in the future,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “We will look for ways to support talent that can be pursued long term.Mr.

Wemade has been donating to schools since January this year, including Korea University, Dongseo University and Sogang University. He will continue to contribute to the growth of blockchain, the metaverse and technological research.

SOURCE Wemade Co.,Ltd


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