World Miss University will organize a volunteer group of senior members


Kang Sung-mo, Chairman of You&I Holdings (WMU)

The organizing committee of the annual World Miss University beauty pageant said on Monday it would organize a peace group made up of its senior members.

WMU is a Seoul-based beauty pageant launched in 1986 to celebrate and promote the recognition by the United Nations of the International Year of Peace. WMU selects representatives who will promote UN-affiliated events and volunteer for peace services.

World Miss University President Lee Seung-min said WMU has decided to establish the World Senior Peace Service Corps Assembly Foundation, which will be joined by many senior members who have participated in previous editions of the pageant.

“The peace group will embark on a series of peacekeeping missions on the road,” Lee said.

During the celebratory ceremony for the launch of the independent agency for peace, WMU also presented new business models that would help it facilitate new peacekeeping programs.

Kang Sung-mo, head of beauty pageant business and president of You&I Holdings, also noted that WMU will introduce new business projects that can utilize WMU’s global member network.

Kang said WMU will launch WMU Coin, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, through which WMU aims to raise funds that can be used in peace campaigns and support peace organizations.

Kang also took note of WMU Live Shopping, an online shopping platform that connects sellers with sellers and buyers from 157 WMU member countries.

You&I Holdings, which billed itself as a New York-based financial holding company, will invest in WMU’s new business ventures and projects, according to Kang.

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