Yoo Ah In, Ong Seung Wu, Park Ju Hyun, And More Are All Smiles In “Seoul Vibe” Poster


On August 22, Netflix released an ensemble poster for ‘Seoul atmosphere‘. The released set poster features the image of Sanggye-dong’s supreme team smiling brightly against the background of “Large Breadcrumbs”. Sanggye-dong Supreme Team, also known as “Bangkupam”, is a close friendship that can express as family, working as a hideout in “Large Bakkusa” auto repair shop in Sanggye-dong. dong, which was cluttered as a redevelopment area in 1988.

As they embark on the super special operation called “VIP Slush Investigation”, they show fantastic team play with different abilities and sticky chemistry. Dong Wook (Yoo Ah in), who stands in the center of the group and has a smile full of leisure and confidence, shows his leadership side. The brilliant ride he will show with ‘Bankupam’, which has the strongest riding skills known by himself, provides a feeling of tension and immersion in the hands.

Courting Sam (Come on Kyung Pyo) and Jun Gi (Ong Sung Wu), who sit in the old car that is the trademark of ‘Bangkupam’, show themselves as a free-spirited DJ and the youngest character of cute MacGyver, and what kind of charm they show in the movie. Show or stimulate curiosity. Bok Nam (Lee Kyu Hyung), who commands attention in a yellow taxi driver costume, is expected to add a pleasant energy by taking on an active role as a human navigator who knows Seoul’s geography inside out. Yoon Hee (Park Joo Hyun) with a bicycle shows her loving charm as the president of Seoul’s largest bicycle club, and at the same time, ‘Bangkou Pam’ is a master of transformation, disguising herself in different ways every time she is in crisis.

“Seoul Vibe” will be released worldwide on August 26.

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