Yoyo’s Hotdog draws hours-long queues in Rice Village


HOUSTON — It happens three nights a week at Rice Village. People line up in hot, cold, even rain to get their hands on…a hot dog.

From five-star restaurants to award-winning chefs, Houston offers some of the best food in the world.

But every Friday night in Rice Village, a line goes around the block – for hot dogs.

“I see this line, and I’m like what’s going on?” client Michael Savarese said. “And someone is like hot dogs. And I’m like hot dogs?! Are you kidding?!”

An iconic American entrance captivates a whole crowd of hungry people as they wait – some for over an hour – for a hot dog from a food cart.

“Good hot dogs, good flavors, a bit unusual, consistent,” said customer Mitch Weikert.

Weikert arrives an hour early and even brings his own chair.

“Once you have one, you will know,” Weikert said.

This is Yoyo hot dogmade by Chef Yoyo himself.

“Every hot dog, I try to make it as perfect as possible, every hot dog,” Chef Yoyo said.

And the little beauty has layers. Starting with a grilled cream cheese bun, the all-beef hot dog is topped with grilled and fried onions and two different sauces.

“I put this honey mayonnaise and siracha on it, and I put my heart into it,” Chef Yoyo said. “I try to love, rather than sell hot dogs, I sell myself.”

Yoyo actually went to school to be a sushi chef, but he opted for the hot dog, an American classic, to help him achieve his American dream.

“I have been blessed by the Lord, thank you very much,” Yoyo said.

An immigrant from Korea, Yoyo knew that to be successful he had to start small.

“Hot dogs saved my life,” Yoyo said.

But now he thinks big. It is finally opening its first physical store next week.

“I want to go to the airport,” Yoyo said.

And he wants to bring his only menu item to airports across America.

“Tell ’em what the Houston hot dog is,” Yoyo said.

Houston’s hot dog changed Yoyo’s life, and maybe even yours too.

“It will change your life,” Yoyo said.


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